If you run a small office with 1-15 computers, you know: You’re overlooked by the IT support companies. They’re all looking for the ‘big fish’, and that’s not you.
It seems your choice is either some big outfit complete with sales teams and lots of talk about buying this or that server or fancy service, or a ‘one man show/computer guy’ that’s impossible to reach and just doesn’t understand business.
Now imagine a tech services company with genuine small business roots, that’s built and designed for companies just like yours: Successful, small in size, and looking to utilize technology to keep that going.
That’s Terrapin Networks.
Technology is a key profit driver for your small
office, helping keep your promises to your
customers (and prospects), and protecting your firm's ability to work.
That’s what you expect.

We’ll help you get there.

“Hello, Tim Gillen here from Terrapin Networks. I don’t usually send a message like this out unless it is critically important, and this one is….”

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Your Small Business

We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with small businesses that run from a variety of fields, and likely we can help yours too. We've been supporting and enhancing small company technology since 1990 and are ready to help your small office get big company technology with a small business pricing structure.

The Terrapin Touch

It's called the “Terrapin Touch“, and it’s what our customers really know us for: the willingness to learn your company and see how your team works, how your small business does what it does, how you meet your client expectations, how your firm interacts with key vendors, everything. Then we set about assuring the technology is in sync with your goals and efforts.

Our Services

Clients of Terrapin Networks enjoy a broad range of specialized services custom tailored for small offices, including Technology Consulting; effective Terrapin Engagement Plans; Terrapin DataProtect; various Cloud Services; and more

“I see it all the time. The small business owner knows every
inch of their company, how they got where they are
and where they’re going, usually in great detail.

And the first thing they tell me when we meet is,
“I don’t know anything about this technology
stuff and that scares me”.

My reply: it should.

The technology system should be designed to protect
and enhance your small business.

I'll show you how.

-Tim Gillen
Small Business Tech Specialist
Terrapin Networks
Founder and President

Since 1990 (27 years ago!) we've been winning the race on technology. Here's to another 27.

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