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Every small business needs its own team nerd. You can think of Tim Gillen as that guy: always on top of the latest technology, and knows just what to do to keep things running smoothly and safely. In this show, Tim will share all the news, tricks, shortcuts, must-dos and must-haves that he’s learned in nearly 30 years of working with small offices around northern Michigan.

Use Tim’s knowledge, wisdom, and tips to protect and optimize your office technology so you can skyrocket your profits, increase productivity, and continue making good on the promises you make to your customers.

048: How Not to Get Blacklisted by Gmail

In this week's episode, Tim and Ruth talk about how NOT to get blacklisted by Gmail. The easiest way around that? Make sure you're using a quality ESP (Email Service…


047: Tech Moments of 2019 That Really Changed the Conversation

Welcome back to the Team Nerd Tech Show in 2020! This week, Tim and Ruthy are chatting about 5 tech moments in 2019 that changed the conversation around how we…


046: TNTS’ Best Moments of 2019

It's 2020 and along with celebrating a new year, we're celebrating what was GREAT about 2019. We started the show in mid-February 2019, which means we're coming up on 12…


045: MFA is the perfect way to stop thieves from accessing your stuff

This episode has been lightly edited for context and clarity Ruthy You're listening to the Team Nerd Tech Show with your hosts, Tim Gillen and Ruthy Kirwan. Tim Well, hello…


044: *Encore* why You Should NEVER Use Free Wifi

To read the full transcript of this episode, as well as the links we disucssed in this show, please click over to the original post: Episode 23: Why You Should…


043: Essential Technology Terms Every Business Owner Needs to Know

This transcript has been lightly edited for context and clarity. Today, we'll be discussing the essential technology terms every business leader should at least be familiar with. Are you?  …


042: Smart Ways Successful Owners Can Prevent Data Hacks (Interview with Scott Taber of SBDC)

Tim Hello nerds and faithful listeners of the Team  Nerd Tech Show. Tim Gillen here, Terrapin Networks, Traverse City, Michigan. Thanking you for joining us again for this week's edition…


041: What Happened After 3 Small Business Ransomware Attacks

In this episode:  We kick off episode 41 with a news story about TrueDialog, an SMS service used by colleges and universities that exposed the sensitive data of millions online,…

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