‘Small Fish’ Need To Worry About Data Security, Too, says Tim Gillen

Tim’s a regular guest on the Christal Frost show, and their discussions are always lively and interesting. You can listen to the entire segment here, but what we really wanted to showcase was the exchange in the audio file below.

It’s common for small businesses and regular old consumers (that’s you and me!) to think, “I’m too small for a cyber thief to target me. What do I have to hide!?” The answer is a lot! It always makes sense to safeguard your data and secure your information, as Tim spells out here:

Here’s a transcript, in case you are unable to play the audio:

Tim: It’s something to keep in mind; the way things have gone on with this is, the conversations we were having years ago with large corporations. The bigger fish are tying stuff down pretty well [in regards to data security]. Where the money is, is in the small fish. The small businesses, and people’s personal stuff. Because they think, “Ah, it’s not a big deal for me, I’ll let Ford Motor Company worry about that, or the local hospital, or Hagerty, or locally something like that.”
Christal: Right, but they have already worried about that.
Tim: Oh of course they have. That’s not easy pickings. Easy pickings is some small business, mom and pop shop, that thinks “this has got nothing to do with us.” But they could have 10’s of thousands of dollars in the bank, especially before payroll, and that’s easy to get to.
Christal: Right! So, here’s the deal. If you are in a┬áscenario where you need some help, you own a small business, and even if you’re just looking for someone to help you with your own private home stuff, you could definitely refer someone. But Terrapin Networks, that’s the best place to go for small businesses.
Tim: well, that happens to be what we actually specialize in. We don’t take care of large factories and stuff like that anymore. We do all small businesses. Because we have found it’s a real niche market for us. All the risks are so similar. And it’s easy to overlook at that level. So that’s what we’re able to do.

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