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Season 1 Episode 63: Pirates, Remote Tools, Disinfectants, and SpaceX

This week, Ruthy and Tim are breaking down all the week’s nerdy tech and science news for your nerdy ears. We discuss a local pirate legend come to life with a shipwreck in northern Lake Michigan, a great list of remote tools for work-at-home business owners to check out, a disinfectant spray booth possibly coming to an airport near you, and a simulator that lets you fly a SpaceX craft form the comfort of your own home.


Hong Kong airport reveals their new disinfectant spray down booth. And a UV-light robot. And some sort of microbial coating? We’re discussing what the heck is going on over there and whether this might take off in other airports, too.

Huh!? A pirate ship in Northern Michigan? We break down the recent discovery of the 150-year-old schooner wreckage found on the shores of Lake Michigan and discuss its connection to a local pirate legend.

We’re breaking down a huge list of GREAT tools designed just for business owners who work from the cloud… or, in other words, work-at-home small business owners and their employees. We also share our FAVORITE tool that didn’t make the list!

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever wondered what it felt like to DRIVE a spaceship. We found a cool simulator you can do straight from your desk that walks you through the motions of docking a ship at the International Space Station.

Ruthy explains to Tim in this quick intro what, exactly, a “bodega” is in NYC, and why she’s so excited about her local bodega opening in her Queens neighborhood after the initial panic of the 2020 pandemic.

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