Your Small Business

Terrapin Networks has long specialized in working with Small Businesses, with some companies being supported by us for nearing 20 years.

These days everything in your small business is dependent upon technology, from the first prospect call through the printing of invoices.  We understand the circumstances and environments particular to small businesses, from the front office to the sales desks on into the shipping area.

The key to the technology in the business is your software package, commonly referred to as the line-of-business/ERP application.  We’ve worked with most of the key software players in the Small Business sector and we know and understand how they operate.  That software has to run for your staff to do their job and for customer orders to get filled and invoiced – Period.  You’ll find us a robust ally to enable your business to get the most out of that key relationship.

What People Are Saying....

-Geri M., Solvents Distributor, Traverse City

Many years ago, our system and the service we were using was very slow, and we still had to take it all the way into Traverse City to get things fixed. This was 1999 or so. We knew Tim by reputation, and knew him to be very convenient with his service. He would come on site, fix remotely, that helped. 

It’s the customer service that made the difference.”