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We have a unique way…

As a consulting, collaborative partner.

That sounds simple enough, and maybe even like what anyone else might say, but when you look a little closer it’s actually quite different.

It’s part of a small business tech system that starts with you, and your company.

It’s not only what Terrapin Networks can offer you as a small business, but figuring out what tech systems your business needs, and building from there.

As the business owner, you will have direct access to Tim Gillen. He will be your go-to “tech guy” for planning, budgeting, projects, as well as day to day issues.

Think of it as having a tech manager who is an actual arm of your company. We’re not just a vendor- we’re a part of your team.

IT Consulting

After 30+ years in the technology services industry, Tim knows a thing or two about creating a strategic tech system that’s specially designed for your small business’s unique needs.

Small business owners partnered with Terrapin Networks enjoy the benefit of his expertise in all areas, from creating a proper network setup to the technology your team uses in the field, plus data backups, servers, cloud systems, and more.

Helpdesk Support

We’re a small business just like you are, and we understand the headaches that can come from well-meaning “helpdesks” staffed by overseas techs who have quotas to hit and scripts to follow. Our helpdesk team is primarily local to northern Michigan, and when we do use overseas staff, we only work with a hand-selected group of techs who’ve been with us and our customers for years. We make it our business to get to know the individual needs and “flavor” of your workplace, and that’s reflected in the level of care and attention you’ll receive whenever you reach out for support.

Customized Network

This may come as a surprise to some of our competitors, but not every small business requires the same tech setup. Your tech stack should be as individual as your business is, and we help develop and support a system that works specifically for your needs. We often refer to ourselves as a “boutique operation”, which means we customize your technology system to support your staff and fit your bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less.

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