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We have a unique way…

As a consulting, collaborative partner.

That sounds simple enough, and maybe even like what anyone else might say, but when you look a little closer it’s actually quite different.

It’s a system that’s starts with you, and your company.

As the business owner, you will have direct access to Tim Gillen. He will be your go-to “tech guy” for planning, budgeting, projects, as well as day to day issues.

It begins with a conversation between you and Tim – that’s the “consulting” part – where we get all the relevant options on the table in a way that you can understand. This will help you to arrive at an “informed decision”, as it is critical that you know, and are comfortable with, whatever you are saying yes (or no) to. Then we implement what was decided on.

Your staff, including an assigned point-of-contact if different than you, will generally run their communications and support requests through our Help Desk. That is always staffed and can be much more responsive for the general “reactive support” issues that come up during the workday. We have a simple process for responding to those needs that works really well.

But the ability for you to connect with Tim when needed is very valuable. No quota-driven sales proposals, no “next tech up”, but direct access to someone who knows you and has taken the time to learn your business and needs.

We partner with you and live your business like you do. Your deadlines and emergencies become our deadlines and emergencies. We make that promise to you.


We start with a formula that likely is similar to how you run your small business.
We ask a couple of key questions, then let the answers drive the solution.

First, we ask these questions: What are we trying to fix or improve?
Why does it matter to the business?

Then we work with you do decide how to best fix or improve the problem/issue.

I note these two points as it is in contrast to the all-to-common way most tech people do things: they start with the how. You’ve seen it: “Here’s this really cool tech gadget/software/service/etc.…” and you think – or maybe ask out loud: “Why? What will that fix or improve?” Too often, a good answer isn’t forthcoming.

So we make sure to ask, and answer, the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ before we move to the ‘how’. That’s sound business, and that’s the Terrapin Way.

To make all this work, we use a simple formula that works: Design, Protect, Optimize.

  1. Design the system to do what it needs to do.
  2. Protect the tech system, and the company, through properly applied security best practices on the tech system. Always.
  3. Optimize The system to run as efficiently as possible.
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