The difference between Terrapin and the “other guys” is that we see Business Technology about people first, not the devices. While most “IT Services Providers” focus on the devices – the computers, the servers, and so forth – we emphasize your business, the people who make it go. That’s what technology is in place for, so your staff can fulfill the mission of your business.

People on the front line of your business need the tools you provide them to help them get their job done. Notice we don’t say they need tools “to run” but tools “to help them get their job done”. That’s a big difference, and traditional “IT Support” providers commonly miss the distinction.

Our first step is to work to understand what your company does and how technology fits with its mission; what the pain points and obvious inefficiencies are, and how technology properly applied can help. It’s the one move that drives everything else we do.  Anything less wastes time and money.

“What People Are Saying…”

Geri M., Solvents Distributor, Kalkaska:

Many years ago, in 1999 or so, the system we were using was very slow. We were taking everything almost 45 minutes into Traverse City to get fixed and even still were unhappy with the service we received there. We knew Tim by reputation and he was very convenient with his service, so we switched. He would come on site to our business, fix remotely; that helped.

It’s the customer service that made the difference.”