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Every small business needs its own team nerd. You can think of Tim Gillen as that guy: always on top of the latest technology, and knows just what to do to keep things running smoothly and safely. In this show, Tim will share all the news, tricks, shortcuts, must-dos and must-haves that he’s learned in nearly 30 years of working with small offices around northern Michigan.

Use Tim’s knowledge, wisdom, and tips to protect and optimize your office technology so you can skyrocket your profits, increase productivity, and continue making good on the promises you make to your customers.

Episode 63: Pirates, Remote Tools, Disinfectants, and SpaceX

This week, Ruthy and Tim are breaking down all the week's nerdy tech and science news for your nerdy ears. We discuss a local pirate legend come to life with…


Episode 62: Privacy and Contact Tracing Don’t Go Hand in Hand

This week, Ruthy and Tim talk about a new sleep science study that  proves what our dreams are really processing, we celebrate (?) World Password Day, discuss the Narnia-like place…


Episode 61: Nerdy News Breakdown 5/3/20

Tim and Ruthy break down all the nerdy tech news that's happening in the world. This week, 5/3/20: Google Meet is free for Gmail users, Bubonic Plague is like the…


060: What’s it REALLY Like to Run a Small Business During Lockdown?

This week Ruthy and Tim connect with Rex Rudolph, owner of Padget Business Services in Traverse City. Padgett Business Services might seem like a company well suited for remote work,…


Episode 59: For All The Video Conferencing Platforms We’ve Loved Before

This week, Tim and Ruth are chatting about their favorite video conferencing apps- and the ones they stay away from, and why. We'll dig into what exactly "zoombombing" is, as…


Episode 58: Real Talk: How Ruthy Recovered from Covid-19

In a break from our typical type of talk, Ruthy discusses how she contracted (she thinks) COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. She also gets into what it was like…


Episode 57: Running a Small Business in the Time of Covid19

This week, Tim and Ruth discuss some recent updates regarding coronavirus, and how it continues to affect the way we work as small business owners. We're expanding even more on…


Episode 56: Small Business Work-at-Home Strategies for the Long Term

This week, Tim and Ruthy chat about how small businesses can shift their business operations to operate more employees as work-at-home...for the long term. We're covering the concept of making…

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