Keep the Computers Running!

Over the years many business owners have told me their primary expectation for the tech service team is to “just keep everything running. Do that and I’ll be happy”.

Makes sense, right? Sure – but it’s a very incomplete picture.

Simply keeping the computers running is a very low bar. Granted, it’s a disqualifier if your tech team can’t keep things running, but it’s really a bare minimum.

Think of it like employee attendance: Staff members who don’t show up for work when scheduled don’t keep their jobs for long. But is that your only expectation for staff, to just show up?

Granted, it would make for quick performance reviews – “Well, you were here every day…so well done!” – but your expectations are, reasonably, way more than that.

Along with showing up, you want staff to do their job, and do it well; to help the team fulfill the promises you make to your customers; and to help your business get better. In short, to enhance the business.

That’s everything you should expect from the technology system, too.

One last thing on this topic to consider:
100% of all data breaches happen when the computers are running.

Running and running right can be very different things.

Yes, uptime is critical. We shoot for – and hit – “four nines” (99.99%) uptime.
But there is much more to it. Never lose sight of that.