Our Story

"...Buddy, we all got problems."

Terrapin Networks was founded in the summer of 1990 by Tim Gillen, who hails from a long line of small business folks (dating back to both sets of grandparents) and is now a highly credentialed network engineer. Tim was an “early adopter” to the computer world in business as a small business owner in the 1980s.  In 1985, he purchased his first computer system, an AT&T 6300 “turbo XT” (yes, your cell phone has significantly more processing power!), and before long the hard drive – a whopping 10MB – failed and needed repair. So Tim took the whole kit and kaboodle to the local computer repair place in order to get it fixed.

As many of us can sympathize, this experience did not go well. The folks fixing the computer didn’t seem too worked up about his issue, even though Tim was facing a major catastrophe – everything he needed was on that computer, and without it, he couldn’t even run his business! But no matter; Tim was told (he remembers this very clearly), “Buddy, we all got problems.” Wait your turn, and we’ll get it fixed soon enough. A classic technician-business owner disconnect.

It wasn’t so much the time it took as the obvious fact that these computer repair folks just didn’t “get it,” what it means to need a computer in order to run a business. Tim started to realize just how lacking in business insight most IT firms were.  Sensing a real need for business-focused IT support, he thought of something that could provide real value to people and founded Terrapin Networks – a team of top-drawer, locally-based IT professionals.  Tim and his team now work with small businesses and organizations in the Northern and West Michigan area applying the same attention to business that he wishes he could have had all those years ago.

Terrapin Networks has been building, maintaining, and streamlining business networks and workflows for 25 years, one business at a time. Our expertise is proven in our loyal and dedicated clientele of business owners and operators who understand and appreciate how technology, properly applied, can truly drive business success and profits.

For more information on our unique way of providing business technology support, please visit our “Why Terrapin?” page