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Terrapin Small Biz Connection

Every Sunday morning at 8:30am, join Tim and Ruthy as they chat with a small business owner in Northern Michigan about what it’s REALLY like to own a small biz “up north”. We’ll discuss the ins and outs, the joys and challenges, the misperceptions others may have, and more. Tune in to WTCM NewsTalk 580 every Sunday morning at 8:30am, subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform, or click the “Listen Now” button below.

If you run a small office with 1-15 computer users, you know…

You’re overlooked by the IT support companies.

They’re all looking for the ‘big fish’, and that’s not you. It seems your choice is either some big outfit complete with sales teams and lots of talk about buying this or that server or fancy service, or a ‘one man show/computer guy’ who’s impossible to reach and likely doesn’t understand your business.

Now imagine a tech services company with genuine small business roots, that’s built and designed for a small business just like yours: Successful, small in size, and needing to utilize technology to keep that going.

That's Terrapin Networks

How We Work

We have a unique way of engaging with your small company – Check it out here.

Small Biz Tech Solutions

Nifty tech services and products to help any small office.

24/7 Help Desk

Click here to contact us for immediate assistance.

Here’s how we’re different...
... and why it matters:

We work ONLY with small companies.

We don’t see your small office as a “loss leader” like the other guys. Every network we support is, one way or the other, just like yours.

We’ve put together a terrific set of services and products specially designed for the small office.

And most of all, we promise to give the time and attention your company deserves.

-Tim Gillen, Small Office Tech Specialist | Founder and President, Terrapin Networks


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How We Can Help You

While most “IT Services Providers” focus on the devices – the computers, the servers, and so forth – we emphasize your business, the people who make it go. That’s what technology is in place for, so your staff can fulfill the mission of your business.

People on the front line of your business need the tools you provide them to help them get their job done. Notice we don’t say they need tools “to run” but tools “to help them get their job done”. That’s a big difference, and traditional “IT Support” providers commonly miss the distinction.

Our first step is to work to understand what your company does and how technology fits with its mission; what the pain points and obvious inefficiencies are, and how technology properly applied can help. It’s the one move that drives everything else we do. Anything less wastes time and money.


Fill out the form below to contact us and find out how we can make your technology hassle-free!

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