If you run a small office with 1-15 computers, you know: You’re overlooked by the bigger IT support companies. 

They’re all looking for the ‘big fish’, and that’s not you... 

 It seems your choice is either:
•Some big outfit complete with sales teams pushing products and services you’re not sure you need, or
•A ‘one man show/computer guy’ that’s impossible to reach and just doesn’t understand business.

Now imagine a tech services company with genuine small business roots, that’s built and designed for companies just like yours:
Successful, small in size, and looking to utilize technology to keep that going.

That's Terrapin Networks.

"Here’s how we’re different, and why it matters: We work only with small companies.

We don’t see your small office as a “loss leader” like the other guys. Every network we support is, one way or the other, just like yours.

We’ve put together a terrific set of services and products specially designed for the small office.

And most of all, we promise to give the time and attention your company deserves."

-Tim Gillen, Small Business Tech Specialist 

Founder and President, Terrapin Networks

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