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Season 1 Episode 62: Privacy and Contact Tracing Don’t Go Hand in Hand

This week, Ruthy and Tim talk about a new sleep science study that  proves what our dreams are really processing, we celebrate (?) World Password Day, discuss the Narnia-like place in this world without any coronavirus, agree that contact tracing apps, while hopeful in slowing the spread, offer little protection in terms of privacy, and a vulnerability with ShareFile that business owners need to know about.


Can a brain implant tell us for sure what we’ve always thought we knew about dreams- that they’re created based on our experiences? Scientists are closer to determining that as fact.

Happy World Password Day, friends! We’re sharing some scary stats about passwords we’ve just discovered- plus the REAL reason small business owners should be using a password keeper, beyond the ease!

There is a REAL place where there is no Covid-19… Can you guess where that is!?

We’re not the biggest fans of contact tracing apps, and in this video, we’ll share why they seem like a possible infringement on your data privacy.

If you’re using Citrix ShareFile in your small business, you need to be aware of the recent vulnerability just discovered. Here’s what you gotta do to stay safe.

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